Maine Coon Hut


LITTER A: DOB 02/06/2024

Deep Sky "Sky"

Sky is the Blue smoke king. and although he may look wild and fierce, he is the most loving, gentile, and cuddly cat you could ever imagine. Sky was born February 17, 2022, and he is a purebred, pedigreed maine coon of champion European bloodlines. He is the epitome of the maine coon "Gentile Giant" with a very large frame and strong physical features which are obvious in his photos.


Unita "Prima"

Prima is our future queen, our blue beauty with fluffy tail and long ear tufts. She is loving, playful and energetic, affectionate and sweet, it feels like she passes all her excellent qualities on to her babies.


Name: Aviana

Status: Reserved by Scott

Color: Blue Smoke

Gender: Female


Name: Amelia

Status: Reserved by Michael

Color: Blue Smoke

Gender: Female


Name: Annabelle

Status: Reserved by Marta

Color: Blue Smoke

Gender: Female

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Registered Breeder and Member of TICA.